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What Factors Should Be Considered Before Hiring a WordPress Developer


There is no doubt that the introduction of WordPress in 2003 completely changed the landscape of worldwide web and made it easier for anyone to create a website and promote themselves or their product and service the world over. Though created for blogging, today many non-blogging websites are extensively used by companies in and around the Melbourne area. What makes WordPress stand out is easy of customization, the use of plugins to extend the functionality of the site and make it more interactive than none WordPress sites.


However, that doesn’t mean that you should just go and make WordPress site you because chances are you will end up making a poor site. Therefore, it is crucial that hire a WordPress developer preferably from Melbourne because these individuals or organizations have been doing this for many years and will bring their creativity and experience to make the best site for you.

But, before hiring any developer, you should consider the following factors mentioned below because you don’t want to end up with a poorly designed and non-responsive site which will leave a bad impression on your visitors.


The first thing to keep in mind is the portfolio and previous work of the developer you will hire. The chances are that you will hire a developer from any popular freelancing site so therefore you should look at the ratings and feedback left by the previous clients of the said developer. The higher the rating, the more expert a developer is. However, you should keep in mind is that he/she will charge significantly more than a less experienced developer so if you’re operating on a tight budget it is recommended to hire a level medium developer.

Good WordPress Developers Test:

Sometime portfolios can be deceiving, and we have seen that developers with amazing portfolios fail to do a simple job and fail miserably. Therefore, before hiring WordPress developers like these it is highly important that you interview the developer and set the difficulty according to the level of expertise you need to create your site. This way you will have an idea of whether the person is bluffing or if he/she is really qualified for the job.


References and Forums:

This one is especially useful if you’re hiring a team of developers. Then, in this case, you should ask around on numerous Melbourne-based tech forums on the credibility of the company. In addition to that, sometimes people will go out of their way and refer you to a trusted wp developer they have previously hired.


In the end, I would conclude by saying that the factors mentioned above should be strictly adhered to if you want to hire only the best WordPress developer in Melbourne.

Rammed Earth Builders – The Professionals


There are different approaches that can be used when the construction of the best buildings is being thought of and this is why rammed earth builders are effective. With the increased level and number of construction companies, it gets a keen eye to notice the quality that should be employed so that the construction is handled with the utmost professionalism and confidence. The qualities that you can be sure to attain include:

1. Durability

Durability in terms of the long serving nature of the building or wall that is established is of critical importance since it ensures that costs are avoided in trying to get renovations and maintenance. Durability is a measure of quality and this is why it is the very first aspect of the materials that the company concentrates on. Compromising on this aspect is normally a recipe for doom since it eventually leads to an unstable establishment which impacts through bringing an unsafe environment.

2. Cream of the crop materials

Our team is very effective in making sure that only the most qualified Victorian rammed earth builders are on site and that the service is of the top most quality, being the most suitable for the job. The company is established in making sure that all materials are passed through the quality checkups which can certify their use and their best form of being utilized. It is particularly important for the materials to suit the specific requirements since they are the pointer to the shape and the beauty set up that the eventual building will take up when completed.

3. Advice on designs

Designs usually post a challenge in that they are all pleasing to the general eye. This however is not the case when it comes to the professionals who have had years of experience in dealing with the same.

Linemarking In Other Countries

Several countries do use Line marking lines. However, some countries use road marking lines, they use different colors and styles for different from in the United States.

Line Marking in Australia:

  • Use single white solid lines to separate the flow of traffic. For either separate the traffic flow of the same or opposite traffic flow. They are also used it for
    • Linemarking2bicycle lanes
    • curbside
    • parking
    • pedestrian lane
    • similar curbside features
    • Double white lines –Let the drivers know that they are not allowed to cross the line. Only way or reason that a driver is allowed to cross the double solid line is to avoid an obstacle or obstruction that is in the road.
    • Yellow lines – They are used for on the side of the road to mark “No Standing,” unless they are marked otherwise.
    • Dash Lines– allows drivers to cross over for lane changing, turning and over taking slow moving vehicles.

Line Marking in Canada:

They are also used it for curbside, bicycle lanes, parking, and pedestrian lane, and similar curbside features. Their road marking lines are the same as in the United States.

Line Marking in Japan:

  • White lines divides the traffic lanes between opposite and same flow of traffic.
  • Yellow– There is no passing except as follows:   yellow next to a solid white line means you cannot enter but is able to pass with caution
  • Yellow next to dash white lines – Able to pass but only if the dash white lines are on the same side as driver. Yellow lines are always solid.

Line Marking in Norway:

  • Yellow is used on the left side shoulder of the road and to divides traffic that goes in opposite directions.
  • White is used on the right side shoulder of the road and to divide traffic that goes in the same direction.

Line Marking in United States:

  • Solid Yellow:  The solid yellow goes along the shoulder of the road to identify that it may be dangerous that the shoulder may be soft or it is to give you a safe place to go if the area is wide enough for your vehicle.
  • Dash White: is to separate the traffic going in the same and opposite direction. In addition, it is to let you know when it is safe to pass other slow moving vehicles that is traveling down that road.
  • Solid White: solid white lines is to let you know it is not safe to pass at that particular time but the solid white lines will break off into dashed white line making it safe enough to pass but with caution. Solid white lines on the highway are used along the guardrails to keep you from crossing over into the rails.

line-markingEvery country has some type of line marking methods. However all the countries have one thing in common, they use white and yellow colors as their primary road marking lines.  By knowing what each states road markings line colors are and if you follow, their laws regarding them will make it safe for you and everyone else traveling down the road.

A Range of Sheds That Anyone Can Build

There is a varied structure base that can be used to sum up all the structures that are constructed under the banner of sheds and barns. This thus drives the point of being able to identify which orientations can be adequately captured with ease.

1. Garden and farm sheds

farm shedGenerally, farm sheds are the ones that are constructed with a spacious interior which allows for an easy access and a thorough working space. They are usually used for storing the farm machinery and all the tools that are used in gardening and farming which include hoes, tractors and ploughs.

2. Garage and industrial sheds

These are used specifically for the storage of all equipment that is related to the machinery used in daily productivity. They also double up as the repair hub from where any maintenance process and repair schedules are carried out. They are mainly spacious and have partitions which allow for a complete arrangement of equipment and tools.

3. Studios and cabins

These are classified under sheds and they mainly stand as a point of solace from where a person can be able to organize their job documents from the comfort of the home. They also make for a very formidable study area where a person can store and make their research processes with ease and out of prying eyes. They give a generalized feel of privacy and organization both in the same setting.

4. Car sheds

These come in handy when it gets to storage of automobiles and the sheltering of the same from harsh weather conditions. Car sheds allow a person to shield their car from any foreign conditions which may potentially harm the car and initiate an inconvenience set up which may affect the well being of the same in the long run.

5. Animal barns

Animal barns are used for the exact nature of sheltering the livestock and making sure that they are given a roof over their heads. The barns also double up as a vaccinating area where the animals can receive their regular check up in an organized manner and without a hassle. The animal barns are more popular especially in the lands where large tracts of land dominate the setting. In this, the barns are used for managing the animal population and also facilitating a major reprieve in terms of the ease of monitoring every single animal.

6. Rural sheds and barns

rural shedThese mainly create the notion of a rural set up where storage and locking up of valuable equipment and tools is important. Rural sheds and barns are also used as storage areas for produce that is received from the fields and it is where the processing takes place before proper storage is done.

These styles of structures represent an orientation of the structures that can be classified under the banner of barns and sheds that can be constructed and put to good use in and around the home. Getting one will not only increase efficiency at the home will also make up for a good organization formula.

On Hold Advertising Made Better With Jingles

InStoreRemember the days when advertising seemed to be limited to signs in shop windows, advertisements in newspapers and the odd leaflet being put through your letterbox? Well as you are probably more than aware, things have now changed. These days there are a lot of jingles that have become a huge part of marketing strategy, so much so that people have been known to sing the jingles out loud. But has this been an accident? Have the companies just become lucky? The fact of the matter is the answer is ‘No’; these companies have deliberately hired someone to create a catchy jingle that people will remember.

In Store Radio and Jingles That Stand Out

If you think about a jingle you’ve heard lately, chances are it could be one that a lot of people are aware of. These jingles have be

en deliberately created to stand out, while making it clear what service is being offered. The jingles are also great at helping to promote the business because they are becoming somewhat of a ‘Household name’ so to speak, and they may be the first company you think of when you’re looking to buy a specific product or use a particular service. If you become very familiar with a jingle, it’s more likely that you will buy the product that’s being advertised, because you automatically trust it more.

Getting The Help You Need


This is an example of advertising made better, and it’s something you may want to think about taking advantage of. If you’re thinking ‘I don’t know how to create a good jungle’, don’t worry, you can hire a team of voice over artists who will be able to help you out with your in store radio campaign or custom jingles for your business. Knowing you can have a team of professionals on your side can be of great help as it means you can be sure your jingles will be created in a unique way, and more and more people will hear about your products or services in a more positive light.

Think About Your On Hold Potential

Just think about the potential your products or your services have. You know how good they are, but other people need to know too. You should never automatically assume potential customers will think your product is the best thing ever, even if you do. You will have to realise that people will need persuading to buy your products or use your services, no matter how good they are. This is why you need to get out there and shout about who you are, what you do, and let people know why they should have your product. Another great way to do this is with messages on hold whilst your customers on waiting on the phone for a staff member to answer. This is something that needs to be considered by all.

Think about your product, think about why it’s different, and why people should buy it, then contact a professional voice over company who can help you out. Make sure you give them all the information they need so they can work with you to create a jingle that will help to sell your products or services in a way that will help your business to grow and grow. Do it today so you stop missing out.

Top Dubstep Videos of All Time

Ever since the eerie sound of Dubstep first hit the music world, it was only natural to expect a surge of Youtube videos to accompany the genre. If it weren’t for these videos the Genre might have never reached the mass popularity that it has up until now. Therefore it is only fair to give credit where it is due by listing some of the major players that made Dubstep what it is today.

Pumped Up Kicks – Dubstep

This is probably THE video when we talk about Dubstep videos. With more than 21 million views and the soothing melodies by Foster the People paved the way for the scene and showed how dubstep maker videos enter into the hearts and homes of the entire world. This video was also responsible for taking Dubstep dancing to the masses showing us just exactly what can be done with the unique and dark sounds of Dubstep.


Dubstep Dance France “Preuve par 4″

The following video once again shows the dynamic part of Dubstep Dancing, but this time instead of one dancer you get four and instead of human beings you get to see four mimes on drugs Dubstep the hell out of a crowd. This video within one month of being put on Youtube generated more than six million hits and for good reason, the moment you press play you can’t stop to watch it. Not only is it an amazing display of control, it definitely helped pitch Dubstep to a bigger audience.

Skrillex – Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites (Pinn Panalle)

If you thought that Dubstep was purely meant to be reproduced on the computer, think again. This amazing Skrillex cover by Pinn Panalle employing a range of VST plugins shows the world that Dubstep is more than just electronic music. In fact this video showed the world that Dubstep should be taken more seriously especially due to the skill level required to execute a song like this live. But no one can argue that these guys didn’t just do the song justice, they gave hope to many musicians out there wanting to take their music to the next level. You obviously would need to have a good dominance over your preferred the various Dubstep programs available to you, but with a little bit of practice anything is possible.


Dubstep Beatbox

David Crowe, he was on Brittan’s Got talent showed the world that you don’t even need instruments to do Dubstep. His amazing beatboxing skills inspired a plethora of beatboxers to attempt to do the same thing as he managed to make perfect Dubstep only using his mouth. Simply just check out the video and be amazed at what this guy can do.

Dubstep Juggling

The final video we’ll be commemorating is the Dubstep Juggler. He worked out a perfectly synchronized routine to a Dubstep track and inspired the world. This guy shows the world that the music can be dynamically meshed with any activity and if done well, can amplify the experience, whether you’re a dubstep maker yourself, or simply a fan of the genre. Many performers began using Dubstep in their acts after this video hit Youtube.

And as we come to the end of our list I encourage you to continue searching for good Dubstep videos. These videos allow us to tap into a strange place within our creative spaces and allows for innovating new bits of entertainment to be placed on the web for all of time.

SEO Marketing Strategies

web-marketingIf you are planning to have an online business but you do not know where to start, you should know now that you should start by making sure that your web content has SEO. For those who are not too familiar with it, SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimisation which means that when something related to your business is typed at the search engine bar, your site will be one of the first ones that will appear. When your site appears in one of the first few pages, it is guaranteed that you will get more page views than your competitors.

If you are fairly new in this industry, you might be fooled into thinking that it is an easy task. There are some people who have already tried to do SEO on their own based on their methods that they have seen on the Internet. There are also some who hire people who supposedly know how to do SEO only to be disappointed because nothing has happened after the whole overhaul of the website or page.

There are some marketing strategies on the Internet that may seem so good but the only reason why they are so good is because they are not real. It would be wise to know what is real from fake so that you will be able to steer away from strategies that will not help your site at all. Here are just some of the so called “techniques” that you should steer away from:

Immediate page views and higher page rank:

There is a reason why this is not believable. Once Australian SEO Firm conducted research into some of the top .au results in Google, and the results confirmed the following:

If you are not too familiar with SEO, you might think that this is possible but it is not. Can you imagine just submitting your site and then being on top of the search engine just hours after? It might seem like a nice thing but it is not true at all. There is no such thing as immediate in SEO. Everything should be worked hard for and after conducting a dedicated SEO Melbourne analysis, it was revealed that all websites in the top results took months and months to gain there results. There are a lot of companies that will give a specific time frame when they can guarantee that your PageRank will become higher.

Stuffing keywords or Meta tags on the web content:

It is true that there was a time when people believed that putting a lot of keywords on an article is the best way in order to have a lot of views. There was a time when search engine sites did rely on keywords but after some time, they have realized that quality is always better than quantity. Search engines are now designed in such a way that they can already tell if the keyword has been used too much. If this happens, the site will already be ignored. Think twice before you use this method.


Getting SEO service for free:

Now this seems like such a great deal especially if you do not have a lot of budget for SEO. You should know however that it might seem a bit weird that a company is offering their SEO services for free. There are a lot of companies who are earning a lot of money because of their services so do not be fooled into thinking that you can get SEO services for free on the Internet.

Here are just some marketing techniques that people do on the Internet in order to fool people. Do not be fooled and be aware of what truly works. Remember that SEO will take a lot of hard work before it will truly become effective. If a company you will hire promises that you will get page views overnight then become a bit wary. It will take more than one night before your site will rise up in search engine sites.